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The twist is a traditional decorative touch. it is easier than it might appear but it must be done carefully. Once it is done it cannot be undone.

Picking The Right Shape

A twist looks best in square sectioned bars, but could be incorporated in anything else angular.

A twist in round bar would not be apparent, but and elliptical section has possibilities. A part of a round bar can be filed square to allow a decorative twist along part of a rod handle.



Doing The Twist

To make a twist heat the area to be twisted evenly to a full red heat (about 1490°F). If the heat is not even the twist will not be either.


Grip one end of intended twist in a vise and turn the other end. This can be done with an adjustable wrench, but it is better if you can twist with both hands. The best tool is a long piece of metal with a hole in it the same shape as the bar you are twisting.


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