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Drawing Out

Drawing Out Over The Anvil Horn

To draw out using the anvil horn, Place the heated metal across it and strike directly down. The curve of the horn will force the metal towards the end as well as thin it.


Do this all along the area you wish to draw out. Turn the metal over and repeat from the other side. if the rod is round turn it 90° and repeat the process.


Drawing Out On The Anvil Face

Place the hot metal on the face of the anvil. Hammer to spread the metal, rotating 90° between blows to reduce it both ways.



Working Temperatures

Most of the work should be done at a bright red heat. Be careful not to let the thinned part get to hot or, the steel could "burn" creating a weak spot. Final straightening should be done at a dull red heat to prevent the formation of fire scale on the metal.

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