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Proper Clothing

Proper clothing can prevent many injuries. The wrong clothing can cause them. Always dressing appropriately in the shop is essential to safety in any kind of work shop, but especially in a Blacksmith's shop. Loose clothing and hair attract and hold hot sparks and embers like a magnet. Hot metal from the fire that can literally burn the flash from your bones. Dropped tools and chunks of iron can break toes, or even a whole foot if large enough.

Remove All Jewelry

Jewelry can get caught in tools like grinders and drills. It is easy to loose fingers this way. Jewelry can also trap hot sparks and metal chips, which can cause nasty burns.

No Loose Clothing

loose clothing can get stuck tools and catch sparks

No Loose Hair

Long hair should be tied back or tucked under a hat.

Safety Glasses/Goggle

If you only listen to one thing on this page make it this. ALWAYS WARE EYE PROTECTION!


You must wear gloves to protect your hands.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves protect your arms from burns.

Long Pants

Long pants protect your legs from burns and keep sparks out of your shoes.

A Shop Apron

A shop apron is important to protect you from the fire and hot metal. It should cover you from chest to knees, and be made of thick leather that sheds sparks. Heavy cotton or wool will do if nothing else is available, but leather is the best choice. It is a little more expensive, but you only have to buy it once.

Shoes and Socks

Closed toed shoes should always be worn in the shop. Sneakers will do but, ideally they should be sturdy work boots with high tops covered by your pants legs. Good shoes protect your feet from falling objects, burns, punctures and cuts from sharp things on the floor, and accidentally kicking things.

This constitutes the minimum safe requirements for safe shop clothing. The following items are optional, but are a good idea depending on your budget and activities.

Dark Lenses

Dark lenses should be worn any time gas flames are in use to prevent damage to your retinas. An oxy/acetylene flame is bright enough to cause permanent damage over time. Dark lenses also prevent dazzle from the flames from making hard to see what you are doing after you are done with the flame.

Face Shield

You only have to have something fly up and hit you in the face once to appreciate the extra protection of a face shield. A shield makes working on things that spatter much more comfortable. They are also fairly inexpensive, don't get in the way, and offer good insurance against getting scares on your face.

Steel Toed Boots

Steel toed boots are the perfect shoes for a blacksmith's shop. They will protect your feet from anything that in likely to happen to them in a shop. Good ones can be expensive but they last almost forever, and isn't it worth some extra money to know you will have all of your toes at the end of the day?

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